Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Thanks for the feedback. Together we've chosen Katy Wallace's vision

Thank you everyone (100 responses!) for helping us choose which artist will guide the redesign of Sandringham Reserve. Together we chose Katy Wallace and her vision "Neighbourhood Picnic".

Katy's artist statement and images are below, and we'll have more information as the design is developed further.

Also, congratulations Sophie, winner of the $100 voucher to Paradise Restaurant.

Artist Statement: Designed as an interpretive space, use it how you like - ride your trike around the circular track, play ball on the rubber circle mat, have your takeaways lounging on the warm deck, send the kids off to set up a fort and swing from the trees on the playground. This is a design created from the identity of its place, food - culture and community make it what it is. It will be a welcome oasis for locals and visitors alike.

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