Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Make Sandringham Amazing Survey

When SPiCE did the original community consultation in 2014-2016 around both Sandringham Reserve and the playground, we also gathered lots of information from the community about what you love about Sandringham and would like to keep or improve. The SPiCE Vision Report was a snapshot of what was important to you back then, and we'd like to check in to see if your priorities and interests are still the same. 

So we've made it really easy by creating a simple survey. With just 7 questions it only takes a few minutes to complete. We have included the key areas from the Vision Report and also left space for you to add further suggestions. This survey will help direct where SPiCE puts its time and energy in 2020 so we can be doing the things that matter to you.

Take the Make Sandringham Amazing Survey

Let us know what you love about Sandringham and what we all can be doing to make it even better! 

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